Bogus Philippines’ NGO Comes to Light in the Wake of Fertilizer Scam Inquiry

A Philippines-based businesswoman came under investigation for running as well as misusing multiple bogus NGOs in two different controversial scams.
Allegedly, the businesswoman has already been detained as the mastermind behind siphoning pork barrel funds involving multibillion-pesos. In addition to it, a shocking revelation came to light in the wake of the inquiry. Janet Lim-Napoles had been running more than just one bogus non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to siphon the pork barrel funds belonging to several lawmakers.
Another blow came when her name, along with one of her several NGOs, got caught up in an equally notorious fertilizer fund sting.
According to the case information sheet files before the anti-graft court, along with Napoles, the MAMFI President and her former property custodian, Marina C. Sula, was also named as one of the co-accused along with Palawan former governor – Mario Joel T. Reyes – in the fertilizer fund scam worth P3.25-million under the Anti-Graft Act and Corrupt Practices Act.
Rachel Cariaga-Favila, Ombudsman’s graft investigation and prosecution officer stated that the contract for supply was granted to MAMFI despite the NGO ‘lacking accreditation and eligibility for accomplishing the project’.
Sula is one of ombudsman’s witnesses in the pork barrel case whereas, several former senators and lawmakers stood as the respondents in the case. The whistleblowers, including Sula and a second cousin of Napoles, are immune from the prosecution but only in the present case.
The charges of P723-million worth of funds that were allegedly used in the presidential campaign of 2004 were cleared by the ombudsman but the case got dismissed against the primary accused on the grounds of lack of evidence from the ombudsman.

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