Children’s Joy Foundation Accused for Illegal Use of IHS’s Name

Hawaii Institute for Human Services (IHS) – A non-governmental organization has accused Children’s Joy Foundation, which is a group founded by pastor Apollo Quiboloy, for allegedly using the IHS’s name to raise funds in the United States.

The accused, Children’s Joy Foundation, is a charity, founded by Quiboloy, who claims to be born on the “the prayer mountain”, is being investigated over human trafficking in Hawaii. This appointed Son of God, is the leader of Davao-based kingdom of Jesus Christ, who claim themselves as ‘The Name Above Every Name’, serving society from the last two decades.

In a mail, IHS elaborated the fraud committed by Children’s Joy Foundation. Kimo Carvalho, commumity relations director of IHS, said that “more than two dozen IHS Hawaii donors and supporters” notified IHS “that children are conducting door-to-door baked good sales on behalf of our organization.”

When asked by IHS supporters for conformation regarding the identity, it confirmed that the children are using the Children’s Joy Foundation-issued badge to ask for funds. Further, when enquired to describe about each child conducting door-to-door sales, IHS confirmed that each child has been described uniquely, yet their message remains same, which describes them as Filipinos with minor accents.

Children's joy foundation id cardBesides, the badge contains their name and photo, while designating them as volunteers. Interestingly, it also contains the URL Children’s Joy Foundation USA (, and states the address as: 2530N. Parkside Ave., Chicago, IL., whereas its real address as stated on the website is, 1123 East Colardo St., Glendale, California.

Following the issues, IHS therefore posted on its Facebook page “This month, donors and supporters have complained about a group of kids from the Children’s Joy Foundation doing door-to-door baked good sales to fund raise for IHS. Please be advised, this is a fraud and is tied to a human trafficking operation in Hawaii.” If you encounter these kids, call 911 and report any occurrences. For any questions or concerns, you may also contact us at Mahalo!”

However, following the incident Quiboloy’s lawyer, Michael jay Green, replied on Facebook and stated that he is aware of the Institute of Human Services (IHS) and the post against Children’s Joy foundation. Adding, that jealously is often the leading cause for an organization to publish untruths and disparaging comments about others.

IHS, however still banned the Children’s Joy foundation from any further interaction with IHS Hawaii, and will be filing a police complaint after hearing the truths like human trafficking about the organization.

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