Ecuador NGO Fundamedios criticized by Media Experts for Political Posturing

An extensive variety of media specialists reprimanded Tuesday the Ecuadorean non-legislative association Fundamedios for taking political positions against the administration of Rafael Correa, supporting restriction gatherings, and splitting far from its order.


Media experts Patricio Barriga (L), Francisco Sierra (C), and Omar Ospina (R) speak with Marco Antonio Bravo on the Ecuador Doesn't Stop program, September 16, 2015. | Photo: Andes
Media experts Patricio Barriga (L), Francisco Sierra (C), and Omar Ospina (R) speak with Marco Antonio Bravo on the Ecuador Doesn’t Stop program, September 16, 2015. | Photo: Andes



“On the off chance that (Fundamedios) was not politicized and its part was the wide and fair-minded spread of correspondence, data and supposition, their web journals and their site would suit various political assessments in the nation,” Colombian columnist Omar Ospina told the Andes news office.




The U.S.- subsidized NGO got notice a week ago that a state controller in Ecuador had started the procedure for the association’s disintegration for neglecting to regard its order and embeddings itself into political civil arguments. In Ecuador, just political gatherings may take a political position.

Fundamedios has over and again pronounced its backing for political associations and identities restricted to the legislature of Rafael Correa and routinely shared substance on its site, web journals, and online networking records that unequivocally contradicted the administration on matters irrelevant to opportunity of expression.

“There is disinformation, or rather all the more definitely, the highlighting of suppositions that serve to fortify the political movement and converting by this NGO contrary to the administration,” said Patricio Barriga, president of the Council for Regulation and Development of Information and Communication, a state-run organization.

The NGO’s own interior statutes disallow it from taking a political position. Fundamedios Director Cesar Recaurte denies his association has strayed from its order as a media guard dog. The association’s work generally comprises of issuing “cautions” with respect to asserted assaults against columnists in Ecuador.

Francisco Sierra Caballero, general chief of the International Center for Higher Communications Studies for Latin America, scrutinized Fundamedios’ cases that it goes about as a media guard dog.

Sierra says associations that act as media watchdos have a pluralism of political thought and apply a reliable procedure, something that he says Fundamedios does not hone.

“There is a flat out murkiness in their structure. Nobody is capable, nor is there a logical group in charge of the configuration and strategy (of their reports). Inconsistencies and secondary school-like predispositions when issuing reports. What’s more, that predisposition exists and is genuine. Additionally it needs adjust so it is not a respectable association nor would it be able to be qualified as a guard dog,” Sierra asserted.


The critiques against Fundamedios are not new. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange rejected the Perfil Freedom of Expression award in 2012 because Perfil intended to concurrently award Fundamedios’ director that year.








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