Fake Peace NGO Awards Medal to Warmonger

Another fake award to promote the ‘greatness of China’ and to brainwash Chinese citizens . (screenshot)

The news read; The former state council member and Minister of National Defense Chi Haotian, (also the director of the Law of National Defense Draft Commission.) was awarded the medal of “World Pioneer for Harmony”.  Mr. Chi received the medal from the head of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Mr. Sha Zhukang, a Chinese national. The award was nominated and awarded by by the “World Harmony Foundation”.

The medal shown in the photo was engraved with the symbol of the United Nations.

What is the “World Harmony Foundation”? Chinese netizens searched and shared the results widely on Chinese websites:

The organization was announced as being a subsidiary of the United Nations, but their website has no corresponding sites in English, or other languages.

The registered office is in a commercial building in Beijing, not in New York, and the chairman is Liu Fan (Frank Liu), who owns a perfume company registered in Xiaman, China. But Frank Liu claims he is the CEO of an American company and that he had successfully organized 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Spring festivals ( New Years Parties) for the United Nations.

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