Lebanese Environmental NGO or Hezbollah Undercover: Israel Intelligence Exposure Report

The Israeli intelligence IDF (Israel Defense Forces) issued a report in the early 2017 claiming that a Lebanese environment protection NGO ‘Green Without Borders’ is actually one of Hezbollah’s front group in disguise. NGOs were supposed to play the role of the agents of benevolence. However, today they have increased in numbers but depreciated in value with so many of them working clandestinely.

According to the Israeli intelligence report, the Hezbollah outpost is stationed at the Israeli-Lebanese border. It operates undercover to avoid being audited by the U.N. peacekeepers who are also stationed at the same area.

Hezbollah is a U.S.-designated terrorist group controlling a major part of the southern Lebanon. It is a proxy group submissive to the regime operating in Iran. The organization has long expressed its demand for the destruction of Israel and killing of Jews around the globe.

What solidifies the claims made by Israeli intelligence is the fact that back in 2014, “Green Without Borders ” held a grand ceremony to address its plans of planting a million trees in the south Lebanon which was attended by a few members of Hezbollah from the Lebanon parliament. The attendance of the two members, raised concerns amongst several intelligence and homeland security organizations.

The reports allege that a partial amount of funding and complete operational activities of the Lebanese environment protection organization are influenced  by Hezbollah. The IDF also released a video showing the ‘operatives’ setting up observation towers and flags of Hezbollah marking the territory of the Green Without Borders’ outpost.

The report and media released by IDF has received no amount of official confirmation and backing yet. However, there can be no smoke without a fire, which clearly points at the fact that the organization is secretively (via funds) and officially (Hezbollah members attend ceremony) backed by Hezbollah.

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