Norwegian People’s Aid to Pay US $2M for Funding Terror Group; Hamas

The Norwegian People’s aid has been slapped with a $2 million fine by the USAID for funding terrorist organization, Hamas. The NPA declared on the 3rd of April its agreement on settlement with the US authorities by paying them an amount of 2,025,000 in US dollars for causing an ‘unintentional breach of a clause in an agreement signed with the USAID in 2012′.

The US’ Department of Justice pronounced the NPA ineligible for receiving relief funds from the USAID because it provided material support to Hamas, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Iran, and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The NPA was provided with grants from the USAID and based on what the US Justice Dept. stated, “each year it applied for aid, the NPA wrongly indicated on forms it had not and would not provide aid to any organization on the US list”.

The NPA stated that it took the United States authorities ‘several rounds of attempts’ in September 2017 to submit the documentation informing the organization about being investigated for ‘non-compliance to a clause in the agreement’ signed with USAID in 2012. The procedure was followed by a claim filed by a third party.

Despite claiming to have been investigated for non-compliance of clause, NPA Secretary General Henriette Killi Westhrin mentioned that “although we disagreed on the fairness of the claim, NPA has accepted paying the settlement to reach closure,” making a sly attempt at proclaiming NPA, innocent. Henriette further added, “Due to the estimated costs, resources and time necessary to take this case to trial, we have concluded that the best decision for us is to agree on the settlement. In this way we can focus on our mission of making the world a safer and more just place,” skillfully managing to escape the charges while portraying the firm as not guilty of violating the agreement clause with USAID.

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