Indian actress & activist Shabana Azmi’s NGO faces action after CAG report

Shabana Azmi’s yearly philanthropy design show has gone under the lens with the Maharashtra government debilitating to start activity against her NGO, Mizwan Welfare Society (MWS). A Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India report has said the conditions forced while waiving amusement obligation for two design demonstrates sorted out by the NGO in 2011 and 2012 were abused.

Since August 2015, when CAG hailed the issue, the Mumbai Suburban Collector’s office has issued various notification to MWS looking for recuperation of excitement obligation.

The Indian Express has gotten to an official representation by the on-screen character to Maharashtra’s Revenue Minister Eknath Khadse, dated September 22, 2015, in which she offered to pay the “fundamental excitement obligation (without aggregated hobby) if the legislature was unwilling to adjust or waive off these conditions.”

On Monday, the performing artist, who is in the US, told The Indian Express via phone, “The installment will be made quickly after I achieve Mumbai on April 20.”

Azmi said: “I raised the issue with the Chief Minister (Devendra Fadnavis) in the primary week of March, where we emphasized that we would will to pay the fundamental sum while looking for a waiver of the hobby charged. The CM said that he’ll experience the whole issue before accepting a call. We have been holding up to get notification from the administration.”

The NGO was established by her dad, late Kaifi Azmi, and gets its name from his origin, Mizwan in Uttar Pradesh’s Azamgarh.

“MWS raised sponsorships of Rs 84 lakh in 2011 and Rs 52 lakh in 2012 (from the design appears), ” CAG said.

While the law expresses that “any installment made by method for sponsorship sum for a system that is sorted out just for invitees without offer of tickets draws in excitement obligation”, records demonstrate that for both the events, the Maharashtra government conceded exclusion to MWS. Be that as it may, some obligatory conditions were forced.

“MWS was required to store Rs 21 lakh in 2011 and Rs 13 lakh in 2012… as security store… The returns were to be spent just in the condition of Maharashtra,” said CAG, watching that a few conditions weren’t met.

The administration’s most recent notification to the NGO, issued on December 1, 2015, figured the sum payable by MWS as Rs 74 lakh, which incorporates the hobby gathered throughout the years.

“We were at first informed that a specific rate of the cash raised would need to be utilized as a part of Maharashtra… I was uninformed that the whole cash brought must be spent in the state itself,” said Azmi on Monday.

“It was just later that we learnt that the ordinances material to MWS refuse use of the cash raised by the NGO outside Uttar Pradesh… We made a representation to the Collector’s office, and were casually informed that till such time that the gifts were utilized for the elevate of poor people, there would be no issue,” she said.

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