Sharan Burrow, general secretary of ITUC, has again spoken for worse

Sharan Burrow, general secretary of largest trade union ITUC, has again spoken for worse.

In the recently ended United Nations Climate Change Summit held in Paris (just after the Paris terror attacks), most of the countries said yes to the Paris Agreement which states that developing countries as well as the developed nations will keep a check on the increasing global warming from 1.5 degree Celsius to 3 degree Celsius in the upcoming 30 years. This should be met by reducing pollution being caused by mega-scale of industrialization in countries like Brazil, China, Sri Lanka.


sharan burrow climate change tweet
Sharan Burrow climate change tweet


However, as per a tweet by Sharan, where she states “lack of mechanism” will not let the Paris Agreement to be successful. This can be viewed as a complete let down as ITUC is affiliated to ILO , (a part of UN), and Sharan herself saying that COP21 will not be able to be enacted by the countries gives a negative image not only about her, but also for ITUC.


We would like to tell our readers that, even earlier ITUC has been clearly mentioned to be serving only the interest of Western developed nations, aggregating funding from smaller trade unions to provide a luxurious lifestyle to its management staffs and blamed to be running highly paid negative media campaigns against countries of middle-east.

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